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Thread: Zippo - 2001 - Hollywood's Leading Light

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    Zippo - 2001 - Hollywood's Leading Light

    Judul Zippo - 2001 - Hollywood's Leading Light

    Nama : Zippo Hollywood's Leading Light
    Material : Standard Brass / Kuningan
    Finishing : Gold Dust
    Ornamen : antique Pewter Emblem
    Tahun Produksi : 2001
    Keterangan lainnya (gambar, sejarah, dll) :
    Hollywood is a familiar place for the Zippo lighter, with more than 1200 supporting roles to its credit. Hollywood's Leading Light saluted Zippo with own Hollywood star on a new gold dust finish.
    "Zippo modestly acknowledges its celebrity status with Stars of Hollywood, a cast of Hollywood- themed lighters led by the 2001 Collectible of the Year. Hollywood's Leading Light, tenth in a series of Limited Edition Collectibles of the Year, debuts Gold Dust, Zippo's newest finish, exclusive to this year's collectible. The pink terrazzo star that graces the Hollywood Walk of Fame in tribute to the world's finest performers is replicated in the cloisonné emblem and custom tin of Hollywood's Leading Light."

    Spoiler for Hollywood's Leading Light:

    Sumber Data :
    - Foto koleksi pribadi
    - The Zipppo Lighter Collector’s Guide Book

    Gambar merupakan hasil koleksi pribadi...
    penggunaan diluar forum Indonesia Zippo tidak dikenankan.

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    Re: 2001 - Hollywood's Leading Light

    Welleeehhhwweellleeeehh.... Si COTY lagi.....MAAANNGGSSSTAAAABBB..., btw om lagi dendam ama sapa sih?? tiba2 ngamuk...tongolin koleksi ajiieebbb nyaaa hahhahahaaaa.....

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    Re: 2001 - Hollywood's Leading Light

    TS diminta merapihkan postingnya sesuai RULES Forum Katalog Zippo
    PM sent

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